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Colocasia (Arbi)

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About the Product

A starchy root vegetable with brown-coloured fibrous exterior and slightly slimy flesh inside, arbi carries a distinctiveblend of a deep nutty and a mild sweet taste. Usually a savoury dish can be prepared from arbi but it can also be used to create some sweet dishes as it’s soft and creamy.

Nutrition Facts

It contains water 63.8g, Carbohydrate34.6g, Fiber-total dietary5.1g, Calcium18mg, Potassium 484mg, Phosphorus76mg, etc.


The low caloric count in arbi facilitates weight control andthe high fibre content reduces the cholesterol level in the body. It’s absolutely is a zero fat and cholesterol vegetable with a good amount of vitamin E to fight cardiovascular.

Store and Use

Unlike other root vegetables, arbi cannot be stored for a long period of time. This needs to be stored in a cool, dark place up to two days.

Place of Origin

Arbi is an important root crop in Andhra Pradesh and few Telangana districts.

7 reviews for Colocasia (Arbi)

  1. hrshnegi1 (verified owner)

    Fresh vegetables are at our doorstep.
    Superb! Service

  2. Raushan

    Fresh and good quality vegetable with timely delivery. Thank you for this.

  3. Raman Kumar

    Cleanest Arbi i ever got

  4. Ashish Negi (verified owner)

    Saaf aur taaza Arbi.

  5. Bhupendra (verified owner)

    Taste is good. Good quality

  6. Krishna Belwal (verified owner)

    Thanks farmers family for delivering fresh n clean Arvi.and the rates are lower as compared to other markets place.

  7. Bhupander Negi (verified owner)

    Received neat and clean product with nice packaging, product quality was very good

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