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Lemon (Nimbu)

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About the Product

A very popular fruit used for juices, salads, smoothies, herbal remedies and in several dishes. Lemons are officially known as Citrus limon.

Nutrition Facts

One lemon approximately contains 17 kcalCalories, 0.64gProtein, 0.17g Fat, 5.41gCarbs, 15mgCalcium, 0.5mg Iron, 7mgMagnesium, 13mgPhosphorus, 116mgPotassium, 2mg Sodium, 0.05mg Zinc, 9mcgFolate, and 1mgVitamin A


Lemon has numerous benefits. It improves cardiovascular health, helps in break down of body fat and losing weight, dissolves kidney stones, boosts iron absorption, improves digestion, cleanses the liver and great for skin and hair.

Store and Use

Lemons stored in room temperature can last a week. Seal them in a zip-lock bag and refrigerate.

2 reviews for Lemon (Nimbu)

  1. hrshnegi1 (verified owner)

    Fresh and juicy lemons.

  2. Sangeeta Gusain (verified owner)

    Very juicy n fresh lemon

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