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Feb 02, 2021 By Pooja Singh

Water-The Fundamental Fluid of Life

Around 60 per cent of the human body is made up of water and around 71 per cent of the earth is covered by water then why don't humans get a sufficient amount of water as per the body requirements? Hydration is the key and to bust the myth it doesn’t depend on your sense of thirst. In order to stay hydrated and or proper body functioning one has to think of water as a nutrient the body needs that is present in liquids and a variety of foods. It is possible that its ubiquitous nature or easy availability doesn’t make us realise the importance of it which is a reason that it’s not at all a priority. Here are a few reasons to make sure you drink enough water every day:

Lubricates the joints

Found in the disks of spine and joints, cartilage contains around 80 per cent water. Prolonged dehydration can diminish the joint’s shock-absorbing ability leading to discomfort and pain.

Formation of saliva and mucus

Saliva is important as it helps in digesting the food and keeps the mouth, nose and eyes moist which further prevents friction and damage. Consuming water frequently cleans the mouth and helps in saliva formation. It is also suggested to have water over sweetened drinks as it prevents tooth decay.

Delivers oxygen and boosts skin health

Blood consists of 90 per cent water which helps in carrying oxygen to different parts of the body. Enough amount of hydration is also required to keep your skin away from various disorders and premature ageing. So here it is, the secret of glowing skin- water! Minerals and other nutrients also dissolve in water and reach different parts of the body.

Regulates body temperature

Since it is stored in the middle layer of the skin, water is responsible for many internal and external functions.  When our body heats up it precipitates in the form of sweat, which cools the body on evaporating. If the body doesn’t have enough water restored it raises the heat quotient of the body resulting heat stress, which can occur during exercise or any physical activity.

Supports the digestive system

Dehydration adversely affects your digestive system leading to various ailments such as constipation, acidity, risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers. Water is highly essential for proper bowel movement and flushing out waste from the body in the form of urine and faeces.

Maintains blood pressure and kidney functions Water deficiency can make the blood thicker resulting in increased blood pressure. Since kidneys regulate fluid in the body, it is important to stay hydrated as insufficient water can lead to kidney stones and other infections.

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