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Dec 31, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Resolutions for a Fit Body and Mind – Welcome 2021

Every new year, we make resolutions keeping our health a priority and why not! Health is the real wealth after all. Many of us sign in for yoga, Pilate classes or some opt for a harder route of hitting the gym. But no matter what you choose for a healthy lifestyle, the one thing that is inevitable is your diet or eating habits. So let’s kick start 2020 on a healthy note by making these promises to yourself!

Be friends with fruits and vegetables

With high amount of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables should be an integral part of our diet. Make sure to double up the intake. Avoid eating junk and instead add veggies and fruits to your diet through preferred mediums as they are very flexible. Fruits and vegetables are the powerhouse of nutrients due to their richness in fibres, vitamins, calcium, iron, all of which work as a shield and protect our body against different ailments.   

Healthy snacking

No matter if you’re working, studying, waiting or watching, snacking is constant. But snacking doesn't always have to be unhealthy? Snack as much as you want, all you need to do is replace the junk with healthy options such as replacing fried with baked or boiled, crispy namkeens to nuts and refined sugar to honey. This will help you in better weight management, increase productivity and will also improve your overall health!

Try your hands at cooking

Some love it, some loathe it but everyone loves its outcome; yes it's cooking. With so many exquisite easy to make recipes available online, it’s a fairly simple process. Be self-reliant, learn cooking and show the world the amazing culinary skills you’ve got.  

Eat with your family

Try to have at least one meal a day with your family. In our busy lives, we are often tied up with the work and somehow miss the chance to spend quality time with our family. Make it a point to eat with them and share your day to day lives. 

Say ‘No' to needless Carbs

Yes, this is a difficult one; somehow everything we love is eventually a home of carbs. Your favourite pasta, pizza, noodles and cookies are all part of an unhealthy diet and acts as catalyst to those extra pounds. Carbohydrates are important but one needs to study the good and bad carbs and include them in our diet accordingly. A limited intake of carbs will not only fulfil your cravings but will also keep you fit and healthy. Viola!!

So, enough of waiting it's time for action. New Year is almost here, start it off on a healthy note with a range of exotic and farm fresh vegetables and fruits from Farmer's Family; we're only a click away from you! 

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