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Tomato (Hybrid)

(10 customer reviews)



About the Product

Flowering plant of the nightshade family, Tomato is officially known as Solanumlycopersicum. It iscultivated extensively throughout the world.

Nutrition Facts

A great source of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidant lycopene, folate and vitamin K, tomato contains 95 per cent water, 5 per cent carbohydrates and fibre.It alsocontains vitamins and plant compounds that offer health-enhancing properties.


Lycopene is an excellent compound for the eyes. Packed with essential antioxidants, tomatoes are great for skin and hair and also prevent several types of cancer.

Store and Use

Keep the tomatoes in a zip-lock bag, seal it tightly and store in the freezer. Add tang to your dishes such as curries, salads and other delicacies that are relished almost every day.

10 reviews for Tomato (Hybrid)

  1. Raman Kumar

    Tomato’s are good.. liked them

  2. Ashish Negi

    Badiya hybrid tamatar, good quality

  3. hrshnegi1

    Awesome experience, very high quality maintained.
    Best we can get in Covid situation all veggies are washed before they come to us.
    Nice concept.

  4. Manoj Rawat (verified owner)

    Tomatos are delivered in quality as promissed. Its the rate that varries in day to day basis…since market rate are varies form 60 to even 100 rs/kg..hope there is smile on every face.


    Fresh vegetables after a long time.
    Better than other online platforms.
    Price is also not high.

  6. Bhupendra (verified owner)

    Better quality than market

  7. Sangeeta Gusain (verified owner)

    Better quality 👌


    Its pretty fresh and does taste good should try

  9. (verified owner)

    Ordered for 5 units of grapes ,one unit consists of 500 GM’s that is two and half kg. Total. With other vegetables paid total of 855 but received only two packets of grapes. Could not check at the time of delivery as it was in the packet.

  10. (verified owner)

    Till date not received my order. Either send the fruit or refund the money pl

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