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Tomato (Desi)

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About the Product

Flowering plant of the nightshade family, Tomato is officially known as Solanumlycopersicum. It iscultivated extensively throughout the world.

Nutrition Facts

A great source of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidant lycopene, folate and vitamin K, tomato contains 95 per cent water, 5 per cent carbohydrates and fibre.It alsocontains vitamins and plant compounds that offer health-enhancing properties.


Lycopene is an excellent compound for the eyes. Packed with essential antioxidants, tomatoes are great for skin and hair and also prevent several types of cancer.

Store and Use

Keep the tomatoes in a zip-lock bag, seal it tightly and store in the freezer. Add tang to your dishes such as curries, salads and other delicacies that are relished almost every day.

8 reviews for Tomato (Desi)

  1. Nidheesh Saxena

    Fresh and good quality

  2. pawan kumar kotiyal

    waooo… my reason to go with these products
    Solutions for contaminated items and solving veggies n fruits problems during pandemic

    1) Keep us health fit and fine using these pure products

    2) Farm Fresh items

    3) Hygiene and healthy veggies n Fruits

    4) Keep our kids Body + Mind +Soul fit for future ready

    5) Control our hypertension, diabetes and sugar with purity

    6) they are caring for us, to build bridge with us for you financial freedom and time to avail 999 pack

  3. ranjnanayal1977 (verified owner)

    Superb quality and happy with the ontime delivery

  4. Manoj Rawat

    These tomatos are very fresh.i’ve kept them in fridge for more than 7 days they seems still fresh.

  5. Raksha Bakshi (verified owner)

    These are a must include on almost all orders i place. Consistent in quality and taste. Ideal for use in gravy dishes providing much needed tanginess.

  6. Bhupander Negi (verified owner)

    Tomatoes were fresh and tasty and thanks again for timely delivery of product

  7. (verified owner)

    It was really good quality and decent price.

  8. (verified owner)

    Not received

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