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Spinach (Palak)

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About the Product

Known as SpinaciaOleracea, it belongs to the amaranth family which is related to beetroots. Spinach is one of the most versatile vegetables in terms of its consumption nature.

Nutrition Facts

Spinach is a rich source of vitamins A, K and C and great nutrients such as calcium, dietary fibre, iron, manganese and magnesium, A 100 gram of raw spinach contains 91 per cent water, 2.9 grams protein, 3.6 grams carbs, 0.4 grams sugar, 2.2 grams fibre and 0.4 grams fat.


It is great for eyes, reduces oxidative stress and regulates blood pressure.Spinach positively regulates the genes involved in metabolism and inflammation.

Store and Use

Use paper towels or plastic bags. Place them in a bag remove the air and store the spinach in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.You can have it in salads, steamed, boiled, sautéed or in curries.

2 reviews for Spinach (Palak)

  1. hrshnegi1

    palak is much awaited vegetable of winters.. Very fresh and on time delivery.

  2. Manoj Rawat

    Received in a good condition.fresh n rotting and even no waist to extract.just wash,cut n cook.

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