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It’s the Season of Sweets

The main constituent in millions of recipe- sugar enhances the flavour and sweetens the food. Though sugar comes from sugar cane and is a natural substance still it has its own shortcomings such as high calories sans fibre or protein. It’s a strict ‘no-no’ for diabetic patients as it shoots up insulin levels. If you’re looking forward to experimenting with some natural and healthy substitutes for sugar here they are: 


Not only sweet but packed with numerous qualities, honey has fewer calories and fewer amount of fructose and glucose in it. Raw honey has a variety of plant chemicals acting as antioxidants. Along with that honey has effective antibacterial and antifungal properties which are known to be a folk remedy for different infections. Since honey is prebiotic in nature it nurtures the good bacteria and helps in digestion and overall wellbeing.


Made from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana plant, stevia is a sweetener that grows in a warm climate. It doesn’t have calories and carbohydrate, thus it doesn’t spike the blood sugar level. These benefits make stevia the perfect substitute for sugar. Add dried leaves powder to your beverages or sweet dishes and fulfil your dessert cravings.

Date Sugar 

Date sugar is the richest sugar in terms of antioxidants. It is prepared from ground dates by drying them. It also constitutes a high concentration of potassium. However, it does contain a certain amount of fructose, thus not advisable for those looking towards maintaining the right blood sugar level. 


It is prepared using traditional methods of pressing and distilling cane or palm juice. The steps include extraction, clarification and concentration. It certainly has more nutrients than sugar because of high molasses content, which is removed while preparing refined sugar. It also contains a minute amount of vitamin B, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.

Maple Syrup 

Everybody’s favourite, maple syrup is harvested from maple trees. It’s impossible to devour pancakes without adding the layers of dripping maple syrup and guess what it is also an excellent alternate to sugar. If nor processed, it’s one of the most natural forms of sugar. Though it has a fair share of antioxidants but it does contain fructose too. 

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Food to Keep You Warm!

Warm soup, hot chocolate, sarso ka saag and beetroot kebabs, winter are here with its scrumptious gastronomic delights. This season is all about being a little more indulgent and delicious healthy set of choices. Along with the cold breeze and dew drops, winters bring along cold and flu, thus we have all the more reason to take care of our immunity system by eating a healthy diet. An array of colourful, flavoursome vegetables and fruits available in the season not only look good but are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Winters have a great variety of fresh produce available in abundance when it comes to vegetables and fruits. Keep reading ahead to know about the wholesome, vitamin-rich, best cold-weather food items you should stock up.

Dry fruits or Nuts

Dry fruits such as Cashews, pistachio, dates, almonds and walnuts are an essential cold weather diet. They will keep your body warm and provide your body the right amount of energy. Besides generating heat within the body, nuts have numerous health benefits such as ensuring an active nervous system, healthy heart functioning, improving sensitivity to insulin and much more.

Turnip and Its Leaves

An excellent anti-oxidant that helps in combating diseases and keeping your heart healthy, Turnip and its leaves are a rich source of vitamin K and Vitamin A. It helps in strengthening your bones and also improves your digestion. 


Considering honey is warm in nature, it helps in keeping our body warm too in the chilling weather. Use it in your drinks, desserts or simply add it in warm water, its highly beneficial for your healthy body and strengthening your immune system keeping cold and flu at bay.


Packed with antioxidant beta-carotene, thiamine, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, Carrot contains most of the minerals that our body requires to stay healthy and fit. Minerals such as fiber, manganese and potassium are found in abundance in carrots. The potassium in carrots maintains the moisture content in our skin during the dry winters. It’s considered great for eyes, heart, liver and particularly skin.


An extremely delicious vegetable that offers plenty of health benefits, Beetroot contains high amount of iron, vitamin A, B6 and other important minerals. These nutrients help in detoxification of liver, prevention from heart diseases and increases WBCs. So add it to your dips, salads or soups and enjoy the winter chills.


Most popular among the leafy vegetables, Spinach is the powerhouse of nutrients. It contains crucial vitamins such as A, B, C, E, K and vital minerals such as zinc, magnesium and huge amounts of iron that is necessary for the RBCs in the body. It is highly beneficial for boosting immunity, vision, abdominal distress, cellular functions and weight loss.

These excellent choices of food will not only help you keep warm these winters but will also boost your energy and help you withstand common cold and flu so you can enjoy the cold weather without worrying about your health.

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Feeding kids organic food

We are a market place to provide fresh & healthy vegetables, fruits, grocery, flowers and Uttarakhand based specialty products to your door steps. You can buy our products on website and from physical e-carts which comes to your locality.

Fresh & healthy vegetables, fruits, grocery, flowers and Uttarakhand based specialty products to your doorsteps. You can buy our products on website and from physical e-carts