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Dec 01, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Lungs Power You, but What Powers the Lungs?

Lungs are responsible to deliver oxygen to our body for further essential functioning. Sounds simple, isn’t it? But it’s a highly indispensable task for our body, thus all the more reasons to eat healthily and give proper nutrition to our lungs. It’s no surprise that people are suddenly working much harder to keep their lungs healthy […]

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Nov 27, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Water Chestnut, aka Singhara

Water chestnut is a common autumn-winter season fruit that grows in water. Also known as singhara, water chestnut is an extremely popular snack in India and flour prepared from it is widely used. It has a slightly sweet taste and crunchy and can be eaten raw, fried, grilled, boiled, or sautéed. Water chestnut is a […]

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Nov 24, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Fit for your kid- What nutrients does your child need?

Parents often complaint about kids being picky eaters or snackers and not consuming the nutrients that are essential for their mental and physical development. Developing a healthy eating habit in children is very imperative as this will stay with them for a lifetime. A right eating pattern is the key to fight diseases and improve […]

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Nov 21, 2020 By Pooja Singh

An Apple a Day

Pie, cider or chips, apple has played a protagonist in plentiful dishes. Though most students or professionals will remember apple as their go-to breakfast in their routine, as it’s the healthiest and easiest bite you can grab in the rush. When it comes to nutrition or taste, Apple tick marks almost every box.  That’s why […]

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Nov 13, 2020 By Pooja Singh

The Health Bonus- Dry Fruits

Dry fruits or nuts are best known as energy bombs as they are filled with intense amount of nutrients. They are one of the healthiest replacements to refined sugar, and they are an excellent way to satisfy your cravings. After reading the benefits of these nuts, you may get influenced to replace those unhealthy junk or desserts […]

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Nov 09, 2020 By Pooja Singh

6 Important Health Benefits of Spinach

The most popular among the green and leafy vegetables, Spinach is a nutrient-dense leafy, which is full of magnificent qualities. Known as SpinaciaOleracea, it belongs to the amaranth family which is related to beetroots. Spinach is one of the most versatile vegetables in terms of its consumption nature, you can have it in salads, steamed, […]

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Nov 04, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Benefits of going Vegan

Vegan or plant-based diet is becoming a prevalent regime these days. It excludes all animal products or animal-based ingredients such as meat, eggs and even dairy products. A balanced vegan diet is highly beneficial, nutritious and also helps in weight loss. It is also considered as a sustainable diet. A suitable vegan diet includes plenty […]

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Nov 02, 2020 By Pooja Singh

The worth of a Red Bell Pepper

Incredibly succulent red peppers can make any dish look enticing and taste delicious.  It is one of the most flexible vegetables that you will find in gazillions of dishes worldwide. Salads, Pizzas, Pasta, and curries are incomplete without this colourful, delicious, non-spicy chilli. Being the smarter sibling of green pepper or capsicum, red bell pepper has […]

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Oct 30, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Food to Keep You Warm!

Warm soup, hot chocolate, sarso ka saag and beetroot kebabs, winter are here with its scrumptious gastronomic delights. This season is all about being a little more indulgent and delicious healthy set of choices. Along with the cold breeze and dew drops, winters bring along cold and flu, thus we have all the more reason […]

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Oct 26, 2020 By Pooja Singh

Coconut- More than a Ritual Food

No religious affair or ceremony is possible in India without its presence. Yes! You guessed it right, it’s ‘Coconut’. It is often perceived as the holy fruit in Hindu culture, not only does coconut symbolise ‘cleansing’ but has plenty of health benefits as well, that do wonders to your body. Scientifically known as Cocosnucifera, it is […]

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